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Ice fishing with eMinnow – Easter 2016

Stephen News

Well, the ever expanding eMinnow team managed to accomplish another successful fishing trip to Northern BC at the end of March. We hoped to reach the last ice (pre-spawning) pike feeding frenzy, but instead we faced with over 1.2 m of ice without even a hint of melt and generally middle winter fishing conditions (-16C in the morning!) with fish still being pretty lethargic and picky. Reports from other fishermen were also pretty disappointing, no one was catching fish…!

We arrived in the afternoon and spent a few hours trying to locate the fish, but we only managed to get a couple of bites and land one medium sized pike before sunset. After a long drive we were getting cold, tried and more that a little hungry, so we decided to save our energy for a new day.

tail-300x290And what a difference! –  Our luck totally changed the next morning – as soon as eMinnow was submerged under the ice we watched the first interested pike appeared from nowhere and… Bam !  eMinnow disappeared into the mouth of the predator… and after a short battle the pike has ended on the ice.

We were so busy all morning dealing with bites, videoing, landing fish, battery changing/charging, etc, that we hardly noticed that we had limited out. We continued fishing and releasing the fish for a little while and finally packed for the day. On the way back we stopped to check out how others did and were surprised to hear that it was a REALLY slow day, with only a couple small fish caught…apparently eMinnow was our lucky charm yet again!!!

Not surprisingly our last morning was also very productive and similar to the previous day, but with a very pleasant surprise – the first landed fish turned out to be a decent size walleye, which simply could not resist the tempting sound and movement of eMinnow (released back of course). We had one more walleye hooked, but unfortunately have lost it during the battle. In three busy hours of fishing we limited out again and packed up to head back home.

This trip gave us a lot of food for a thought, so I thought I’d share our observations with you:

  1. eMinnow attracts predators from considerable distance even in murky water thanks to the clicking sound the motor and tail motion make.
  2. The color pattern of eMinnow worked best when it corresponded to the main feeding source of the water body. In this particular case the perch pattern worked the best as perch are very abundant in this particular lake, and is a main feeding source for pike and walleye.
  3. We basically used just two prototypes of eMinnow for all three days of fishing. They withstand all the weather and physical abuse very well. We have not even lost a single detachable tail!
  4. eMinnow can be successfully used for walleye fishing as well, we might equip it with a grub variation of tail to make it even more irresistible!pike-300x244
  5. With our underwater Marcum running we discovered that eMinnow is extremely attractive for perch, they were very curious, but is too big for them to take a bite. We are pretty sure that an eMinnow with no hooks could be used as a perch attractant on a separate line, and help fishermen to keep interested perch around the main line with a small jig. Another option would be to equip the eMinnow hooks with small pieces of legal bait, such as maggots or shrimp. We will try to check this theory out next time out.
  6. On this particular trip we also tried other popular methods of fishing, such as jigging with soft baits and blades just to compare their effectiveness with eMinnow. The result: For the whole time we only managed to land one fish… These were the same results that the other fishermen on the lake confirmed they were getting – eMinnow proved yet again to be the most effective fishing lure on the lake, there is no alternative in attractiveness and effectiveness to eMinnow!

Overall we had a very successful trip and a good time on the ice. Video report compilation will be added as soon as all the editing is done. Some pictures from the trip are already on the site. Thank you all for your support! We will keep you posted.