Summer fishing with Eminnow!

Stephen News

Finally eMinnow team could find a window in our busy schedule and try our product for bass and trout fishing.

For bass we used a floating version of eMinnow – we just attached a float to our regular model to make it buoyant. The action of the lure on the water surface exceeded our best expectations. The movement on the surface was very alike of a sick or injured live minnow. Bass appreciated it too – we caught some nice fish in the range of 3-4 lbs and many smaller ones. Some of the action was caught on camera and we will share it with you. After the test we are convinced that eMinnow will make one of the best top water lures on the market. Please watch our video and share your thoughts with us.

For trout we tried trolling method of fishing, using eMinnow as a terminal tackle. During the test we discovered that trolling with eMinnow is much more productive by using it with motor on. Probably the additional tail movement and clicking noise was a deciding factor for fish to bite. We caught several really nice fish of two different species – cutthroat and rainbow trout. We also managed to capture real nice underwater action while trolling for fish. Please watch our newest video to see this exciting moments.

We also were pleasantly surprised to discover, that batteries last much longer in warm water than we have expected. We used one set of batteries for 4-5 hours of non-stop fishing!

More summer fishing with eMinnow to follow…