Kids Fishin Nation – Test!

Stephen News

Last week we sent half a dozen of our older prototypes down to Kids Fishin Nation for the kids big fishing weekend. KFN is family organization that is dedicated to the thrill and excitement of seeing kids catching a fish and get to them out of the house and a line in the water!
It seems like the kids had an absolute ball with eMinnow!
This is what Gordon (he runs KFN) had to say:img_5188

“So we tried the eMinnow and the KIDS gave it a 5 star! They had a lot of fun with it! First thing we noticed as soon as eMinnow started swimming it attracted a lot of attention from bass and bream! Literally within 10 sec a small bass swam up to it and started circling! We actually had about a 7lb largemouth come up to it and “mouth” it…that was very exciting! Also had a school of small largemouth come up and started circling….one hit the eMinnow but did didn`t grab it all the way. Garrett did catch a Rockbass on it! Rockbass don`t get very big but the one he caught was a beast of a Rockbass! (see pic) The kids can`t wait to get back out and try them again. Also a comment the KIDS made was a topwater eMinnow would be way FUN bc they could watch it swim around. I told them the BassKisser (floating popper) was in production so definitely would look forward to trying those when complete!”