More business or less?

Stephen News

So a week ago we had the team from TV Tokyo fly out to interview us about our eMinnow motorized fishing lures.

Having done TV interviews for other products before that generated lots of interest but very little in the way of bankable results, I was really interested to see if TV Tokyo would be any different.

It was

Within the first few minutes of the interview being aired in Japan we had over 57 orders, over the next 48 hours we received hundreds of orders for eMinnow, five enquiries from serious investors, three enquiries from interested retailers, and two from distributors. The interview was so well received both by TV Tokyo staff and their viewers, that they want to air a longer version of the interview on another Japanese show sometime next month.

Was it worth spending the time and energy filming hours and hours of footage and B roll with such a professional, respectful and happy TV team?

You bet!