TV Tokyo Interview !

Stephen News

Last week we had our much anticipated interview with TV Tokyo for their “Most Innovative Products In The World” program.  As the worlds first self swimming, motorized fishing lure, apparently we qualified. We had the director, the lead reporter and the camera/soundman fly in from Tokyo, quite a crew for our eMinnow start-up offices!  I have to say they were a delightful crew.  Firstly they presented us with some gifts, some branded TV Tokyo products, a box of rainbow Japanese waffle cookies and some sweet jellies, appropriately with little fish shapes inside!  After this formality the director explained exactly what she was going to be doing, and how we should interact with the camera.

Throughout the great many hours of filming they showed us, and treated us with huge respect and immense interest in what we were doing and trying to achieve.  They were perhaps even more excited to be featuring eMinnow than we were to be featured!  They were happy, relaxed and made the entire experience overwhelmingly fun.  We showed and demonstrated each and every eMinnow model, how everything worked, why eMinnow users were catching so many more fish, showed them the map with all the different countries we have sold to in the last few months (37 now including Japan of course), answered hundreds of questions, showed future product blueprints and the original handmade samples and much more to boot.  They even brought their own testing tank so that they could film eMinnows unique swimming action.  Naturally we have our own testing tank, but theirs was so nice and clean and shiny, and they gave it to us as another gift too!  After all the filming and interviews were done it was time to take them out for a spot of fishing.  Primarily the current range of eMinnow lures are designed for freshwater predator fish, we have saltwater version coming out in 2018, but we have frequently fished in saltwater with current eMinnows with great success. As they were tight on time we decided that the quickest and easiest thing to do would be to take them down to the breakwater at Ogden point in Victoria. img_5589

It wasn’t far from the office and you can be up and fishing in a matter of minutes. We have had rockfish (rockcod), lingcod, greenling and the occasional salmon off the breakwater.

The day before the weather had been perfect, but the moment we got there the weather started to change, the waves started coming in and I couldn’t help but laugh as everybody except me got soaked in some huge splashes.  Not to be put off Dave continue to show them how itimg_5592 was done and encouraged them to take a rod themselves, pretty soon they were addicted.  We had crowds of people asking what the TV crew were doing, in fact it gave me the perfect opportunity to demonstrate eMinnow to locals, anglers, enthusiasts, kids, seniors and a variety of tourists from the cruise ships. As late afternoon became early evening I began to think that we were going to be out of luck, we’d had bites but no fish, when suddenly a shout goes up from our reporter.  And there it is, a beautiful Coho salmon, caught by Kyonosuke, who had never fished before.. luck or the power of eMinnow. Either way it was a perfect end to the day!

So, is free TV advertising on major channels worth it?  Well, we won’t know for sure until its aired, but certainly the experience was well worth it, and if the crews reaction was anything to go by….