Stephen News

Just popped down to the breakwater for a spot of fishing this morning to test our latest WildJax motorized lure. Watching a couple of seals swim past didn’t fill me with joy even though thedjt-rockfishy are cute to see.

How long do you think it took me to catch this absolute beauty of a Rockfish? Just two minutes and the just the second cast! People on the breakwater couldn’t believe it and it wasn’t long before there was a big crowd. I am not one for attention but I did feel a little bit special especially when there were other anglers who have been file-2017-09-01-12-17-40-pmthere for hours with standard baits catching nothing. eMinnow is so revolutionary, so incredibly effective I don’t think I could fish with anything else. One other point that makes this catch even more incredible is the fact my eMinnow WildJax lure is not designed for sea fishing. All hail eMinnow the mrockfish-lureost amazing fishing lures on the planet.


This is the WildJax lure used in Blue/Chrome