Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver to most countries around the world for between $8 and $12 – So far we have delivered eMinnow to customers in over 37 countries

The first eMinnows (FatBobba) are now in stock. WildJax and BassKisser will be in stock in October 2017

Use the shop button on the nav bar to pre-order from our site and you be among the first ones to receive eMinnow.
The price is on the website in the shop section. Currently there is a discount on all preorders.
Two tablet type L44. Good quality batteries provide about 4 to 5 hours of non-stop action in warm weather. In colder temperatures during ice fishing battery life is a bit shorter – 1.5 to 2 hours. Cheap “dollar store” quality batteries last less than an hour. For the best performance use our own eMinnow batteries. These have been specifically designed and selected to give eMinnow the optimum performance.
We successfully tested eMinnow to up to 25′ (8.1m) of water, but our recommendation is to use eMinnow to up to 15′ (5m) of water to ensure stable operation and water tightness of battery compartment seal.
As long as the battery compartment is secured properly it would be most unusual for eMinnow to leak. During the manufacturing process eMinnow is extensively tested and very carefully sealed at all vulnerable points. We recommend that it is not used deeper than 15′ of water. But leak accidents can happen for various reasons – damage by unusually big and ferocious fish (unfortunately haven’t happened to us yet…), failed seal, extra deep water fishing, etc. Usually nothing tragic happens – in most cases simply removing the batteries and drying the lure with opened battery compartment resolves the issue. We had some leaks during testing and fishing due to failed seal, and another dropped in the water without the battery housing cover on! Only one prototype was lost because of the leak and it happened due-to leaving unnoticed water-filled lure in storage for a long time and batteries leaked and ruined its electronics. So, just keep them dry and clean and all should be good!
Honestly, we do not have enough of statistic data to give a certain answer yet. But, we continuing fishing with eMinnow and hope to learn a pattern for most effective lure usage. Currently, all our prototypes triggered bites and provided us with nice trophies.
eMinnow is a patented lure (one patent is issued and another one is in allowance stage), which means there was a thorough search conducted for similar inventions. We are not aware of any competition on the market, and this will be restricted by a global patent’s.
Of course! eMinnow has almost limitless potential for improvements and modifications. Our future models may include: deep water lure, top water lure, lure with rechargeable batteries and waterproof charging port, lure with interchangeable soft plastic skin, lure with re-programmable sequence of movements, bigger lures, smaller lures, etc. The sky is the limit here.

Update: When testing the new version of the floating Popper eMinnow for summer bass fishing. The result exceeded our best expectations – the lure action was amazingly real – the lure looked exactly like injured or sick minnow struggling on the surface of the water. Bass could not resist… We think that eMinnow will make one of the best top water lures on the market. Watch our summer test video for details.