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Ice fishing with eMinnow – Easter 2016

Stephen News

Well, the ever expanding eMinnow team managed to accomplish another successful fishing trip to Northern BC at the end of March. We hoped to reach the last ice (pre-spawning) pike feeding frenzy, but instead we faced with over 1.2 m of ice without even a hint of melt and generally middle winter fishing conditions (-16C in the morning!) with fish …

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Winter 2016 Trout Fishing

Stephen News

Rainbow trout is always a highly desirable and praised trophy, especially if caught under the ice. Fishing for bows requires fine tuned tackle, small jigs, tasty bait and good skills to entice this fish to bite. We were wondering if eMinnow will be a good alternative for conventional baited jigs and decided to make a trip to test eMinnow on …

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Patent update !

Stephen News

Our first Canadian patent is now fully “Issued” and our Patent Pending in the USA, China, Eurasia, Europe, Japan” are now well on the way to being Issued as well. Our next patent application for our 2nd style of eMinnow is now in condition for allowance and we expect the Notice of Allowance to be issued sometime in March or …

Warning: Mobster from local family steals while ice fishing in Northern BC

Stephen News

While testing eMinnow we were  rather taken aback by gruesome “Fish Thief” from local mobster family. Fortunately for us, this mobster got too greedy and try to take off with the fish same size as him! Luckily for us, biting off more than he could chew this time helped us to save our trophies and the evenings dinner!  Fortunately our video camera was rolling at the …


Our winter adventure

Stephen News

Eminnow team just returned from a fishing trip to Nothern BC. We hoped for pre-spawning pike craze, but the spawning season was still far away and fish was pretty lethargic and picky. Despite these unfortunate circumstances, Eminnow worked beyond our expectations and we managed to land quite a few pike. Parts of the trip videos were compilated and posted on …