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Be the first to own the 1st limited edition eMinnows off the production line!

Pre-order your eMinnow today, simply go to the shop page (use the nav bar above or click here), choose the eMinnow (s) that you want, complete your order and we will dispatch them to you as soon as they roll off the production line.

eMinnow next production has already started and will be be air shipped in as soon they are ready.

We will do everything within our power to get all prepaid orders delivered as soon as possible, all prepaid orders will have priority over everything else, including priority over orders from fishing stores and multiples.

eMinnow is a brand-new category of fishing lure never seen before, so all prepaid orders placed this year will be part of the initial limited production run (numbered lures with letters of provenance), eMinnow’s from this limited run are highly likely to become collectors’ items sometime in the future, so maybe buy one extra one to keep in the box!

If you have any questions please feel free to fill out the form.