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FatBobba, is the first totally realistic motorised self-swimming fishing lure that looks and behaves just like a real bait fish.

The internal circuit board is preprogrammed to mimic real bait fish swimming movements and patterns, and that includes pauses, speeding up, slowing down and cruising action. The eMinnow FatBobba is perfectly balanced and attracts predator fish not only by its realistic swimming action but by the vibration and harmonic frequency of the constantly moving motor. Game fish simply can’t resist an eMinnow.

Beautifully crafted with the quality and detail you would expect from an eMinnow lure, it is designed in every way to give any fishermen the greatest opportunity to catch fish.

Body 2.81 inches
Total Length to the Tail 3.88
Weight 1.61 oz
Hook: Treble hook size 8 (VMC treble hook / 9650 / #6)