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Salmon Dreams!

Stephen News


Salmon dreams…

Living in Lower Mainland of BC, which is salmon paradise, we thought that eMinnow could be another tool in catching those big and ferocious Chinooks and Silvers. We did a preliminary tests and adapted eMinnow to be used for salmon fishing as a terminal tackle on river bar rig setup. To be legal to use eMinnow for salmon fishing we detached both treble hooks and replaced them with single barbless 5/0  hook on rear mounting eyelet.

The setup is the same as using Spin n’ Glows with spreader bar, 50lbs 20”-50” leader, and heavy weight. But instead of Spin n’ Glow use eMinnow, which bright colors, tail fluctuations, body vibrations and rattling sound will attract salmon from distances in turbulent, murky waters of Fraser, Columbia or other salmon rivers. Unfortunately, we missed this season largely due to DFO fishing closure, but definitely will continue our attempts to catch salmon on eMinnow next season.

It is so exciting and rewarding to find out new ways to catch trophy fish! Try it too and share your experience with us.