eMinnow independently tested on the Danube!

Stephen News

This is an excerpt from an independent post on LinkedIn, you can see the whole article here:

LinkedIn Article

The real question is does eMinnow deliver on it’s marketing promise?
And the answer I am pleased to say, is a resounding YES!
Stephen and David Tye introduced Dan and I to eMinnow several months ago. After some discussions we decided to put the product to the test. With Dan unavailable and a self confessed novice in the world of fishing, I headed out to the Danube accompanied by regular fisherman who catch for food, rather than sport.
Our remit was simple;

  • Cast with live bait and eMinnow
  • 4 fisherman
  • 2 with live bait
  • 2 with eMinnow

We followed the instructions carefully, although I have to say that a 5 year old child who could barely read would have no problem understanding what to do with eMinnow.
Casting the line out in to an estuary off the Danube we waited…. for a few seconds!

Let’s cut a long story very short;
3 hours 15 minutes
eMinnow = 9 fish
Live bait = 2.5 fish (1 of the fish was too small, it had to be allowed a longer life)
So a resounding success.
Well done to Stephen Tye and David Tye at eMinnow, you have created a product worthy of note and one that I will most certainly be using in the future.
Great product, fantastic results.