About Us

kol3-266x300eMinnow Holdings Inc is an innovative company specializing on developing revolutionary fishing lures for sport fishing industry. We invented and developed a product that is totally new to the market and which addresses major demand for sport fishing enthusiasts. Our product is actually opens a whole new sector in fishing lure industry.

In a few words, our internationally patented  fishing lures represent an artificial motorized bait fish which can be used as a substitute for live fish bait (banned in many states and provinces) or could also be used as a conventional crank bait (casting) lure. It can be used statically or dynamically and be used for active or passive fishing.

Despite the fact that eMinnow™ was created to substitute live fish bait, it can also be used for casting or trolling with or without tail attachments or use different tail shapes and colors. All these makes eMinnow™ one of the most versatile, effective, and economical lures on today’s fishing tackle market.

eMinnow™ is extremely easy and fun to use. It can be set with pole or spinning rod under the bobber, spring indicator on ice fishing rod, it is perfect for tip-ups or spring assisted trigger devices like Automatic Fisherman (where allowed). If you get tired of watching the bobber over the open water, you could re-tie the leader to the front mounting loop and start casting eMinnow™ like any regular crank bait lure. While casting, the lure could be used with or without variety of different tail attachments, with motor on or off, which makes the lure change its underwater action considerably and allows to use one lure for different fishing conditions. Floating Popper version of eMinnow makes exceptional top-water lure for bass or pike fishing, and has performed spectacularly in our extensive tests.

eMinnow is a remarkable and devastatingly effective fishing lure. In fact it’s an a category of it’s own. 

The market needed a lure that could realistically substitute live bait fish and eMinnow™ fills this gap very efficiently.

kol1-285x300Simplicity of use, fully automated swimming action, realistic, irresistible and proven performance colors makes eMinnow™ extremely effective for any level of angler. eMinnow is also perfect for our keen younger anglers  learning the craft of fishing. Kids love fishing with eMinnow™  and parents will appreciate simple set-up and hours of relaxation watching their excited and busy children.

The simplicity and versatility of  eMinnow™ also means that it is an ideal lure for beginners and occasional anglers as well as our more experienced fishing enthusiasts.

Even in areas where live fish bait is a legal method of fishing, anglers will find eMinnow™ extremely useful as back up insurance against  losing their live fish bait due-to transportation problems or extreme heat/cold conditions. We experienced this ourselves as well as heard many stories about how disappointing it was, when someone had to stop fishing due to running out of live fish bait or it was not possible to obtain more bait. It is especially frustrating when it happens during “once-in-a-lifetime” fishing trip on a remote location, when the fish are abundant! … No more bait disasters with eMinnow™! Just a couple of eMinnow™ lures in your tackle box will save you from such horror stories.

Please watch our introductory and lure testing videos on our video page for more details and eMinnow™ fishing action.

eMinnow™   –  The Bait That Swims On It’s Own