How did eMinnow get started?

sergiy_prototype_4Well, back in 2009 the inventor of eMinnow Sergiy Tsybulnyk was fishing his favorite lake in British Columbia, thinking about how successful fishing with live bait was before it was prohibited in BC waters. Fishing had been Sergiy’s major hobby for decades with many trophies won and many fish caught! In fact over the years he built up an incredible knowledge of fishing in North American waters, and is locally known as one of BC’s expert anglers.

Anyway, Sergiy is professional engineer by trade, so being generally familiar with new technology he started thinking motorized lure, the sort of thing that would look and act like a real minnow.  Adding a few motorized minnow-like lures to his tackle box to replace the now prohibited live bait seemed like the perfect solution. Naturally these motorized the lures would imitate the movement of a live fish for when using a live minnow is not permitted or not practical.

While it certainly would be an all-season type of lure, it could be especially useful during ice fishing, when sometimes you have to spend whole day, trying to attract lethargic predator fish by imitating movement of live bait.

So, the search began: hours of trawling the Internet went by and no such lure was discovered. An extensive search with all the major and smaller tackle suppliers produce no results either. Eventually he had to concede defeat, he could not find the motorized lure that he was looking for. So Sergiy decided to wait a little: this idea seemed to be so obvious that he was absolutely sure that such a product was on its way to the shelves of fishing shops!eminnow-workings

A couple of years passed, but the motorized lure was still was not available. Finally, Sergiy decided that, if market doesn’t want to bring the product to him, then he will bring the product to the market. He did his research, made some prototypes, tested them out with amazing results, prepared drawings and technical specifications, and filed a patent application with W.I.P.O..

Well… this time he was pleased to find out that nobody else had submitted such an invention, and so eMinnow was finally born.