How It Works

Now, let’s take a close look at what eMinnow is.

You can see the basic design and the workings of eMinnow in the picture below .


The main body of the eMinnow lure “the core” contains a removable waterproof battery compartment, a PCB micro controller (circuit board) and a micro electromagnetic motor designed specifically for eMinnow. It is fast, efficient and is built to withstand all the hard knocks a big predator fish can throw at it! The harmonics generated within the “core” attract the curiosity of predator fish in the area. The motor operates this shaft at the back of the fish, which animates the tail and gives a lifelike movement and propels the lure though the water like a real fish.

The tail moves in a pre-programmed irregular manner in order to reproduce swimming behavior of a real bait fish. This has been very carefully programmed into our PCB micro controller in order to have an irresistible visual attraction. The electromagnetic motor also emits a clicking sound along with the harmonic frequency generator which, in our tests, proven to be devastatingly effective for catching predator fish.

eMinnow is pre-programmed to automatically start the moment it hits the water, and stop within a few seconds of leaving the water. So as long as it is in the water eMinnow will swim and attract fish.

The battery compartment is easily accessed using a flat head screwdriver or even a coin to unscrew the compartment. The silicon seal is keep it completely watertight, so as long as the compartment is screwed back in place properly, the waterproof integrity of eMinnow will remain at 100%.

eMinnow is a new generation of fishing lure, it is one of the most flexible and effective lures on the market.

eMinnow – The Lure That Swims On It’s Own.