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The eMinnow SlimReaper is a truly versatile juvenile predator lure that was created to accommodate most fishing environments. this unique lure covers all major fishing methods and  is extremely flexible usage wise.   SlimReaper is a self-propelled motorized lure that “swims on its own”  and can be used for casting or trolling like a regular crankbait, or under tip ups or a bobber. It looks and behaves just like a real  juvenile predator fish like, yellow perch, baby bass,  trout, pike and walleye etc. With a lip that is designed to work this high performing lure  down to 3 to 6 feet,  SlimReaper is in a league-of-its-own when it comes to performance. Designed in detail with big predator fish in mind,  this lure has been devastatingly effective  with all predator fish.

The eMinnow  SlimReaper not only attracts predator fish not only by its realistic automatic swimming action but by the vibration and harmonic frequency of the constantly moving internal motor that powers the tail. Game fish simply can’t resist an eMinnow.

Body 3.46 inches
Total Length to the Tail 4.52
Weight 1.67 oz
Hook: Treble hook size 8 (VMC treble hook / 9650 / #6)
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