WildJax - Lipped Diving Lure - Starter Set
WildJax - Lipped Diving Lure - Starter Set
WildJax - Lipped Diving Lure - Starter Set
WildJax - Lipped Diving Lure - Starter Set

WildJax - Lipped Diving Lure - Starter Set

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eMinnow WildJax, Lipped, 3.88" Suspended/Slow Sinking, Auto Variable Sequenced Swim Action, Live Bait Replacement, Subtle Rhythmic Clicking Harmonic and Vibration, Battery Powered

  • Variable sequenced swim action arouses natural curiosity and hunting instincts of game fish
  • Subtle rhythmic clicking sound and vibration from the motor attracts fish to its location from far away. Sound travels 5 times faster through the water
  • Starts swimming when it hits the water, stops when it is out, saves battery life. Mimics the movement of a swimming fish
  • During the retrieve pause, eMinnow with slowly swim to the surface, then splash around on top to instigate some of the hardest strikes
  • Sharp Mustad hooks, outlasts live minnows, can be used in restricted areas and is cheaper and easier to use in a days fishing

WildJax truly is a fisherman’s lure, with a lip to get the lure down amongst the fish, and a suspended/slow floating action, WildJax takes a leisurely swim back to the surface as soon as you stop your retrieve.

It’s primarily designed to be used for cast and retrieve & trolling behind a boat.
The totally realistic motorized self-swimming action makes it look and behave just like a real bait fish.

The lip has been crafted to work this eMinnow lure down to 3 to 6 feet, the eMinnow WildJax is devastatingly effective in the shallows.

The internal circuit board is preprogrammed to follow a real bait fish’s swimming movement and pattern, and that includes pauses, speeding up, slowing down and cruising action.

WildJax is perfectly balanced and attracts predator fish not only by its realistic swimming action but by the vibration and harmonic frequency of the constantly moving motor. Game fish simply can’t resist an eMinnow.

Beautifully crafted with the quality and detail you would expect from an eMinnow lure, it is designed in every way to give any fishermen the greatest opportunity to catch fish.

Length 3.88"
Weight 1.61 oz
Swim depth 6ft

Takes 2 x LR44 watch batteries (included)