Efficiency Testing:

Crazy Pike Attacks on eMinnow “FatBobba” lure  Underwater!

Video report about our last Ice Fishing trip

Eminnow Testing pike and trout (hard water)

Video which shows testing of eMinnow in real life conditions on different water bodies and fish species.

Testing EMinnow  “BASSKISSER”   “top-water” lure.

Our summer tests show that the Eminnow redefines the meaning, usage, and action of “top-water” lure family. Unique features of Eminnow make it one of the best top-water lure in the world!

Summer Trolling with Eminnow

We conducted another test of eMinnow – in trolling mode on a beautiful lake. The test proved high efficiency of the lure on different fish species: rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and bass. We tried the lure in both modes – with motor on and off.

We Had A Blast Bass Fishing With eMinnow  BASSKISSER  floating  Popper!

eMinnow fishing compilation

Presentations and other:

eMinnow Explainer

Small cartoon which explains what eMinnow is, and how to use it in practice.

Eminnow  vs  live bait

Short clip showing eMinnow in comparison to live bait fish on a hook.

Presentation of EMinnow

eMinnow is a motorized lure that represents an artificial motorized minnow which could be used as a substitute for live fish bait (banned in many states and provinces) or could also be used as a conventional crank bait lure. It could be used statically or dynamically, be used for active or passive fishing. This video is a presentation of a new lure.

Local thief caught red handed while ice fishing!

While testing our eMinnow FatBobba lure we were taken aback by a thief from a well known local mobster family. Fortunately for us, mobster got too greedy, which helped us to save our catch. Our video camera was rolling at the time of the incident and we managed to catch this live but disturbing action to share with you : )